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Music's Been Good To Me

Music's Been Good To Me


Year: 2017

Music's Been Good To Me....Well I couldn't argue about that. After 47 years in the business, Country Music has played a dominant role in our lives. I cherish the memories that it has created and the friendships that it has spawned over many musical miles. This album covers those years in song and I hope you get a flashback of a memory or three.

Track Listing:

Music's Been Good To Me (Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson), Silence On The Line (W.Sterling),


  **Traditional Country Medley: Have I Told You Lately (S.Wiseman), Cool Water (B.Nolan), Little Kid Sister (G.Autry/F.Rose), Black Hills Of Dakota (S.Fain/p.Webster), Little Green Valley (C.Robison), Wedding Bells (C.Boone), Nobody's Darling But Mine (Jimmie Davis)**


Heart And Soul (Peter Simpson), 


**Slim Dusty Medley: When The Rain Tumbles Down In July (S.Dusty), Sweeny (H.Lawson/S.Dusty), Rusty, It's Goodbye (S.Dusty/T.Carey), Trumby (J.Daly/S.Dusty), Saddle Boy (S.Dusty), Leave Him In The Longyard (K & M Dixon/S.Dusty), When I First Saw The Lovelight In Your Eyes (S.Dusty), Duncan (J.P Alexander), G'Day D'Day (R.A. Fairbairn)**


Last Of The Balladeers (Michael Clare), Appaloosa (R.W.Snyder),


**Pride Of Erin Favourites: Springtime In The Rockies (M.H.Woolsey/R.Sauer), Sweet Rosie O'Grady (M.Nugent), Daisy Bell (H.Dacre), Irene Goodnight (H.Ledbetter/J.Lomax), Now Is The Hour (C.Scott), Australia's Fighting Son (Peter Simpson)**

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