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The Final Muster 2021

The Final Muster 2021


Year: 2021

13 fabulous tracks, including Poppy, Newell Highway Blues, Rodeao Crazy & Dpn't Let Them Murder Tamworth.

Track Listing:

Poppy (E& W Cole), The Transport Man (T. Morton), Newell Highway Blues (K & Dixon / L.Kernaghan / G.Porter), Rodeo Crazy (T.Mclvor), The Gundagai Line (T.Morton), Australia's Outback Hero (P.Ryan), Mingela Rodeo (R.Poole O.A.M), Don't Let Them Murder Tamworth (K.Jamieson O.A.M / R.Poole O.A.M), Chainsaw's Ghost (T.Mclvor), My School Of Song (K.Jamieson O.A.M), Daddy's Boots (L.Rose), The Ned Kelly Song (T.Morton), Nowhere Else But Here (J.Prosdocimo / K.Lindsay).

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