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The Ghosts Of 2KM

The Ghosts Of 2KM


Year: 1994

In the 1940's just about every radio station outside the major cities had it's country music sessions, or hillbily sessions as they were mostly called back then.
One of the best was presented by Rex Morrisby from Kempsey's 2 KM in the beautiful Macleay River Valley. Country folk on the Macleay River and in the neighbouring valleys of the Bellinger and Manning, and even further afield, listened eagerly for new releases by Tex Morton, Buddy Williams and Gordon Parsons, the great Canadians, Wilf Carter and Hank Snow and Americans like Gene Autry and Jimmie Rodgers.

Track listing:

The Ghost Of 2KM, Message From Reg, Hobo Bill's Last Ride, Silver Wings, I'm Moving On, The Convict And The Rose, The Sunset Years Of LIfe, The Story Of Parson Joe, Calgary Round-Up, That Silver Haired Daddy Of Mine, Sunny Australian Sweetheart, That Little Kid Sister Of Mine, Winter Winds.

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