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Vintage Reg

Vintage Reg


Year: 2011

I would like to say many thanks to Reg for inviting me to write the liner notes for this wonderful new album. I feel very proud and honoured to do so!! Without doubt Reg Poole is a household name in Australian Country Music.
His love of Australia, its values and all we stand for shines through in his writing and presentation with particular emphasis on the Australian Bush Ballad. He is as Aussies say "A fair Dinkum Bloke".
This collection of songs from "The Selection Years" is a wonderful sample of Reg's work over four decades with Eric Watson's label.

Track Listing:

Freight Train Yodel - Morton, Those Moleskin Mates Of Mine, Goin' Rodeoin', Goin' Rodeoin' Again, Reedy River, Stockmen In Uniform, Devil's Drive, Circle Of Sawdust, The Truckie And The Cocky, A Little Piece Of Me, Stan, Ghosts Of 2KM, Jesus Who?, ChainSaw, We Miss You Russell Hawking, The Warrumbungle Mare, Country Hands Of Fame, When The Big Mobs Came To Bourke, I love This Land Australia, Rodeo Riders.

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