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Roll Of Renown - Reg is the 33rd inductee to Australia’s highest country music honour. The Roll of Renown is presented annually to those artists who have made a lasting and significant contribution to Australian country music, and is the highest honour a country music artist can receive. He joins many Australian legends such as Tex Morton, Buddy Williams, Smoky Dawson, Slim Dusty, Shirley Thoms, Gordon Parsons, John Williamson, The McKean Sisters, Reg Lindsay, Rick & Thel Carey, Johnny Ashcroft, Chad Morgan, The Hawking Bros, Stan Coster, Barry Thornton, Shorty Ranger, Jimmy Little, Ted Egan, Dusty Rankin, Rocky Page, Brian Young, Rex Dallas and Frank Ifield on the Roll of Renown located in front of the Tamworth Regional Entertainment Centre. Order Of Australia Medal - On Australia Day 2006, Reg Poole was awarded an AOM in general division for his service to the music and entertainment industry as a country music singer and songwriter, and to the community. Reg will officially receive his medal in April, and was honoured to be among the appointees for 2006. Lindsay Butler Studios - Tamworth was one of the busiest for Reg this year. He was also honoured by LBS and attended a wall signing ceremony where he put his signature on the studio wall alongside many other of Australia's greats.

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