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It's Quarter Time

G'Day Folks...... Yes... If this year was a game of AFL footy, we would be at the quarter-time break------- Only seems like yesterday when we were watching the grandkids opening their Christmas presents. It's been a pretty busy 3 months for me, but it's been exciting - especially when the phone rang in early January which revealed John Williamson's manager Phil Matthews on the other end, inviting me to participate in the new musical stage play called "QUAMBATOOK"--------- Starring Darren Coggan and Belinda Wollaston, Ami Williamson, Warren Williams, and of course JW himself. It didn't take long to answer yes to him, and that triggered a chain reaction of events that lasted for a frantic 6 weeks. The play featured 21 Songs written by JW and they were woven into a story line crafted by Australian Author Simon Heath about the "WILLIAMSON FAMILY " heading up to Uluru for their holidays. The Musical premiered at the theatre at Panthers in early February and played 5 nights to sold-out crowds. Plans for future touring of QUAMBATOOK are in limbo at the moment whilst waiting for sponsors.

Right in the middle of the Musical was Tamworth and a hectic 10 days was spent doing shows and catching up with everyone. My travelling partner in crime Owen Blundell and myself had quite a few shows together and we also had some "GUNBARREL HIGHWAYMAN " Shows to do.

Early in March, the Gunbarrel Highwayman show flew across to Western Australia for 5 shows in the state, organised by Jan and Peter pacey at Outback Music. Vickie Lee and guitarist Gary Watson also were on the show and a golden time was had by all.

While all this was happening from January to March, in the middle of it all was Grandson Ryder's "1st BIRTHDAY". And what a party he had! April, May and June are busy months as well with an "ALL-STAR COUNTRY ROADSHOW" tour happening around Victoria and NSW in the first part of April........and Owen and myself in NZ for the 2nd half. Also, I'm gathering some songs together for an album release later in the year to be recorded at Redbak Studios in Leeton.

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