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Who's Who? Reg Poole That's Who

Another honour has been bestowed upon the gentle giant of Australian country music, with the release of the 2008 inaugural edition of who's who in Victoria. Over 6000 names of prominent people in the state have had their story and accomplishments highlighted in this first up edition. People from all walks of life are featured, politicians, sportsmen and women, professors show biz personalities etc. ,etc. Reg was heard to say that he was very grateful for his inclusion in the book and would like to thank the people responsible for his nomination, and hoped that he could continue to carry on with the "work" that loves to do. Many things are on the agenda of reg at the moment-------- he's busy putting down a new cd at Redback Studios in Leeton NSW and has been gathering songs for the project over the last few months. Some of the songs chosen have been written by the likes of john Williamson, Keith Jamison, Sharon Benjamin, Johnny Chester, Eric Watson, Mack Cormack and others ----------- there's even a couple of Reg's there too. Likely release date for the album is September. In the meantime Reg is busy out on the road with Owen Blundell--------- this month sees them in nsw and qld wed 11 June at Redcliffs country music club in QLD , Thurs 12 in Bundaberg at Burnett bowls club Fri 13 at Maclagan memorial hall and on Sat and Sun 14 and 15 at Gympie at The Stampede. Then on the way home Reg calls in to Krosskut Studios at Robina to record a song with Glenn Jones on his forthcoming cd. After a couple of days on the Gold Coast Reg and Owen head south and perform at Kyogle Bowls on Thurs 19 , Wauchope sports club on Fri 20 , Hexham Bowls on Sat 20 and South Tamworth bowling club on Sun arvo 21st. July sees Reg and Owen in Tasmania for a fortnights tour (venues at a later date ). Reg and dots new grandson Ryder continues to grow and he made his stage debut in Geelong recently , happily sitting on poppy's knee and then walking off to his own applause, and the crowds too, of course. Reg would like to take this opportunity to thank all community radio presenters for their ongoing support and to all fans and friends for their un swerving loyalty by turning up to the "shows".

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