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Poolies, passions and ponderings

Its hard to keep a good man down so they say, and our lovable Gentle Giant REG POOLE is a wonderful example of this well known expression. In a career that has spanned over 35 years Reg is still out and about and mixing it with the best of them. Just recently has seen the release of his latest cd entitled AUSSIE BALLADEER and there is no doubt that the quality of the finished product is as high as the standard that Poolie always sets for himself. The front cover is a warm friendly shot of "Poppy Reg " and grandson Ryder enjoying each others company and you can visualise and feel the bond of love that exists between them. The 12 songs on the album are a choice collection of traditional Bush Ballads both old and new and delivered with the "easy to listen to "style that has been Reg's trademark over the years. The title track is a John Williamson offering and one of the songs that Reg sang on John's musical stage play "Quambatook". Reg has written a couple of the tracks namely " Fireside Dreams" and the very picturesque" In the Kimberlys" and had a hand in the track called 'A Man like That" co-written with singer/songwriter Sharon Benjamin about the plight of the man on the land. Sharon also provided one of the highlight songs on the album called "I'm a Grandad now".Other writers to feature are Eric Watson,Shorty Ranger,Mack Cormack,Keith Jamieson and there's a humerous antidote from Johnny Chester about life on the road as a muso,also Frank Turton a long time aquaintance of Reg's chimes in with the lovely song" If I Had Wings". If you are saying to yourself thats only 11 songs you are spot on, because I've left the best till last ---- a powerful emotional touching story of World War 1 called 'Silent Night Christmas 1915" --its a true story that will have you reaching out for some support. Aussie Balladeer was recorded at Redbak Studios in downtown Leeton NSW -where Reg feels quite at home with good friends Mark Hillier and Sharon Benjamin.Thier expertise and knowledge of music and production, and the warm and friendly surroundings make it a great place to work. The quality and strength of the album is shown by the fact that it has been nominated for 3 separate awards at the Bungendore Stan Coster Bush Ballad Awards ---- Best Album----- Best Male Vocal----- Best Comedy Song .Reg's popularity is enforced by the fact he has made it to the finals of a fourth section---Best Duo performance with his old mate Glenn Jones from the new Jonesy cd "Glenn Jones Sings Reg Poole" The first 10 months of 2008 were very busy for Reg and he performed in every state of Aust inc New Zealand. Dont forget to catch up with Reg in Tamworth in 2009 ,he's a very friendly approachable bloke and he's always got a smile for you.

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